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NDIS -Check Eligibility

In order to reap potential benefits from an NDIS approved disability centre one must ensure whether he or she is eligible for NDIS support or not. A person must meet three key requirements for signing up for NDIS support

– He/She must be a permanent resident of Australia

– He/She should be under 65 years of age

– He/She must be suffering from a lifelong disability that is hampering their day-to-day activities

NDIS - Approval

NDIS provides support to only legit and credible disability service centers across Australia. Before signing up with an agency make sure they are a legit team and have the required certifications and authority for providing NDIS Support. Luv and Care are an approved and NDIS certified disability care agency and this certification helps us in providing our clients with the most affordable and targeted solutions.

NDIS Disability Plan Management Decision

NDIS Plan management is a step-by-step process wherein a manager supports you to manage funding in your NDIS plans. These managers are termed plan managers and they play an essential role in streamlining the complete NDIS support process.

Making Bookings for NDIS Support Services

Service bookings also play a vital role in determining the success of an NDIS support plan. They are used to managing a specific amount of funding that the service provider will use to offer NDIS services. Service booking includes the type of NDIS support needed, the duration of the support and the funding the agency will need to provide the selected service.

NDIS - Plan Review

The sole purpose of the NDIS plan is to accurately evaluate the current standpoint of a plan. A plan review helps in determining the impacts on the plan, current issues and future goals you have regarding the selected NDIS support plan. NDIS plan review meeting doesn’t have to be a physical meeting, it can be easily done over a phone call or a zoom meeting. A plan review usually happens yearly to access the NDIS plan.

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