To ensure that homes are secure and more suitable to present capabilities, home modifications are required. While this may seem like a thrilling task but without the help of governments or similar agencies, the whole home renovation process could be challenging. If it is not done correctly the process can turn very costly. In addition, Finding home modification companies can be a challenge since there are regulations and rules to follow to make the modifications considered safe and legal.

Home modifications NDIS company in Sydney that you can trust.

What is the NDIS Home Modification Service?

The NDIS is a program of the National Disability Insurance Agency, the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a method of providing individualised assistance to Australians who have permanent and substantial disabilities that limit their ability to perform or take part in daily activities. Australians who are eligible for this entitlement can get the assistance they require to be able to access benefits and other community services specifically designed specifically for those with disabilities. One of them is home modification provided by NDIA certified home modification companies.

There are some who are not eligible for home modification assistance eligibility. To determine if home improvements are required and whether any changes are value-for-money The NDIA generally examines and weighs the following factors:

  • If the suggested or proposed improvements to your home will be worth the price, particularly when compared with other low-cost alternatives
  • The proposed modifications to the home are cost-effective, especially in comparison to the cost of other support services like help with the cost of moving into accessible homes
  • The anticipated duration of tenure for the participants and whether it is proportional to the cost of home renovations

What do Home Modification Service Providers Do

NDIS home modifications companies provide affordable modifications for people who are beneficiaries who are eligible for the NDIS. They aid disabled people to remain independent and secure at home by altering the structure of their homes to create a home that enhances the safety of the individual.

The kinds of modifications NDIS homeowners can avail themselves of differ. However, they generally differ from the most basic which include the installation of handrails grab-rails, step-wedges, and doorways that are widened, to the more complex modifications, like ramps, and the alteration of bathrooms and kitchens.

The goal of these services is to provide an environment of safety and security for Australians who have disabilities. In order to achieve that these services are generally provided:

Bathroom Modifications

Bathroom remodels are possible to make it easier and to improve security. This could include the installation of hand-held showers and transfer chairs towels bars, rails for safety shower benches as well as push-button door openers and lighting that is automated.

Mobility and Access

The providers put in access ramps, lifts for chairs handrails, and elevators to make it easier for people to move around the house. A slip-resistant coating can also be put on floors to decrease the risk of slips which could cause injuries.

Kitchen Modifications

The kitchen remodelling options can range including adjusting the height of countertops and installing lighting that is automated and making accessible appliances.

Landscaping for Property and Maintenance

Certain NDIS home modification companies can also assist with the repairs as well as maintenance. They could also clean and improve outside areas of the home providing landscaping and gutter cleaning.

NDIS Modification Qualifications for Home Modification Qualifications

The NDIA will typically fund home modifications to the NDIS home modification provided that one of the following criteria is satisfied:

  • Due to your disability, you’re not able to access certain common areas and spaces within your home.
  • Your current residence has significant effects on your day to routine and your care plans.
  • A licensed Occupational Therapist has conducted assessments and advised the use of devices or other alternatives.
  • The following modifications aren’t paid for through the NDIA:
  • The fittings, the materials, and fixtures are all above the standard quality;

Spas, spas and swimming pools

Repairs for damage to the house that is found during the process of modification;

All ongoing maintenance and repairs to non-specialised equipment or structures;

Repair of work that did not meet the specifications for work or is not in compliance with the Australian Building Code;

Building improvements to capital buildings include new rooms or lifts, stories or inclinators that allow access to multiple levels within the home. (case-to-case basis)

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