NDIS scheme is a program in which governments provide funds and other support to people who have a chronic or permanent disability that affects them from living a normal life. The scheme has helped many people to lead a normal and healthy life. The scheme is now being implemented in many parts of the globe. Through NDIS Support Coordination Sydney you are eligible for many services that one may choose. These services and the ones offering these services are no less than a helping hand to NDIS participants. 


NDIS Support Services & coordination

Support coordination is a service or a prerequisite service you might need to take before going for real NDIS support. A support coordinator is a person who has experience working with NDIS participants. They can understand your condition with a piece of better knowledge. It is required as sometimes NDIS participants usually fall for the wrong service or support which doesn’t help them. Thus support coordination analyses your condition and plan and discusses the support(s) one may be in need of. They also help them to choose from which community they should take help. This has helped a lot of NDIS participants as now they have a better understanding of their condition. 

Here are some of the NDIS Support Coordinator in Sydney     

Luve and Care – NDIS Support Coordination 

Luve and care is one of the best support coordination providers that have a flexible way of helping the NDIS participants. They provide the NDIS participants with the choice of how they want to interact with their support coordinator. They can meet you in person in a place preferred by you or through phone, email and video conferencing. The support coordinators can interact in languages you are comfortable interacting with. They might prefer using interpreting services if they do not know that language. 


At Whiddon, the support coordinators are usually those who have been with NDIS participants very closely so that they can analyze your situation at a better level. Alongside, they will assist you in the paperwork and other formalities that follow after choosing your NDIS support. They also act as intermediary bodies between both the participant and service provider. Whiddon coordinators will also help you in making the funding determinations. They might also help you in achieving the goal you want to achieve through the NDIA program, providing assistance to mainstream and community services is one of the other helps you might get at Whiddon.

Marlia And Moe

Marlia And Moe is another Support coordination for the NDIS participants. They believe that the local coordinators have a better understanding of their area and thus have a better knowledge about the NDIS support present there. This helps the NDIS participants in finding support in their locality. They also help the NDIS participants in deciding their budget on how they want to spend on each support, also helping you in negotiating the prices and helping you in getting the formalities and paperwork done. 


This organization has helped many people who are confused as to how to get the value and help out from the money they spend on NDIS support. Benevolence helps one in finding, managing, and accessing the NDIS support he/she requires. They help you to have a greater knowledge of the NDIS Support you need. 


My Voice is an organization that has support coordinators who are determined and compassionate towards helping you in achieving your goals. They can also help you in getting the things and work done for you once you may start your NDIS support. They specialize in home-based support and services.


Resource: Home Modifications NDIS – Everything you Need to Know



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