To make matters worse, finding home modification NDIS agencies can be a difficult and exhaustive task because there are certain strict rules and regulations that must be followed for the alterations to be legal and safe. If not handled effectively, it can potentially get very expensive and may craft hurdles for disabled individuals.


We have got you covered. Our team of dedicated NDIS experts is here to make things easy for you and convert the process of home modification NDIS into a memorable experience. Luve and Care is the leading provider of home modification NDIS services in Sydney.


However, before we tell you why you should hire our experts, let us broaden your understanding of home modifications NDIS with the following article:



What exactly are home modifications by NDIS?


House modifications are alterations made to a person’s home who has a disability or is elderly so that they may securely access and use the places they require. Adding a ramp or handrail to a restroom, for example, could help a wheelchair user and their caregiver.


There are operating principles to be mindful of while changing your house, or the home of someone you care for. The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA), which governs the NDIS, is unable to support alterations that do not follow these requirements.


However, our team of certified NDIS experts will help you make the desired amendments to your premises while adhering to NDIS policies.


NDIS Home Modification Agency, and How to Find One?


The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a means of providing tailored support for Australians with persistent and serious disabilities that affect their capacity to do or participate in day-to-day activities. It is administered by the National Disability Insurance Agency. Australians who fulfil the criteria for this privilege can get the help they need to access benefits and community programs that are tailored to their needs. House modifications are provided by NDIA-accredited home modification firms.

Home modification services are not available to everyone. The NDIA normally checks and considers the following to assess whether home modifications are necessary and that any changes are cost-effective:


  • Whether the planned or recommended home improvements are cost-effective, particularly in comparison to comparable low-cost options
  • The estimated tenure length for participants and whether it is comparable with the cost of the proposed house renovations, especially when compared to the costs of other services, such as aid with the cost of moving to accessible premises.


How we can help with NDIS Home Modification?


We assist disabled people in living independently and safely in their own homes by modifying the structure of the home to provide an environment that is safe for the person.


Luve and Care offer a variety of adjustments. Our home modification NDIS services generally range from the simplest changes, such as the installation of handrails, step-wedges, grab-rails, and expanded entrances, to the most complex alterations, such as the installation of ramps and kitchen and bathroom modifications.


We are a certified NDIS Disability Services Provider in Liverpool & we strive for creating convenient home modifications that aid you in your journey. As the leading provider of NDIS Disability Services in Sydney, our ultimate goal is to simply provide a safe and secure environment for people with disabilities in Australia.


Here are some of the modifications that we offer:


Bathroom modifications 

Bathroom renovations can be made to make amenity use easier and to improve safety. Hand-held showers, transfer chairs, towel bars, safety rails, shower benches, push-button door openers, and automatic lighting are examples of these improvements.

Access and Mobility 

We provide and install ramps, chair lifts, elevators, and railings to help people move around their homes more easily. Floors can also be coated with a slip-resistant coating to lessen the chance of injury from slipping.

Kitchen Modifications

Adjusting countertop heights, installing controlled lighting, and installing accessible appliances are all examples of kitchen improvements.



Home modification Ndis is one factor that you’ll need to consider in creating a suitable and comfortable premise for your loved one. We can help you in your pursuit. Our team of NDIS providers in Fairfield will craft bespoke modification plans to make sure your loved ones get the care they deserve.



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